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TaskFreak! comes in 3 versions: Original (single and multi user), Time Tracking, and Enterprise.
They are all open source and released under the General Public Licence (GPL) version 3.

Basically you can download the program for free, install it, use it, but if you modify it you have to share the code. Well, if you don't publish it you don't have to, but it's always greatly appreciated. Please not that no support is provided for free. Some users share their knowledge and help others for installation problems on the online forum, but please remember they are all voluntary and unpaid, so be kind and be patient.

Also if you want to request new features, or simply if you are happy using it, please consider making a donation (see at the bottom of the page), or even hire the developer who helped you.

The GNU General Public Licence

The GNU GPL licence endure that the program is free and prevents anybody from making it non-free.

The code is open (open source) meaning anybody can take the code and modify it, improve it, or make it worse, for its own private use or not. For more information, go to the GNU.org website

The TZN Framework

If you take a look at the code, you will see that some files come from a library, the Tirzen Framework (TZN).

The TZN framwework is licensed under LGLP (Lesser GPL) which means that this code is also free, but can be used as part as a commercial solution. (GPL code can not and has to remain free)



I, Stan Ozier, am the creator of TaskFreak! and the editor of this website.

However, there are many talented contributors to the project: translations and plugins are adding more features and flexibility to the original project.

Because TaskFreak! is an open source project, the best way to get an answer to your problem is to have a look at the forum: many topics have already been discussed there, and it is more likely that someone else already answered your question.

If you want to contact me for business purposes, please go to Tirzen website or send me an . Please note that I do not provide free support, and I will not answer any message that should have been posted in the forum. So if you need help and don't want to pay for it, just ask your question in the forum, and be patient while very kind developers and users are looking to find a solution for you.

About TaskFreak!

TaskFreak! is a simple but efficient web based task manager written in PHP. It's an open source application, free to download. Its main goal is to make project management efficient while kept easy.

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