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Yes, version 0.4 of the TaskFreak Time Tracking web application is out.

Two big news for this release :

  1. Easier installation process (no longer requires mod_rewrite)
  2. Multi language support

And of course, a few bugs fixed, and there are not much left (if you're running a decent browser such as firefox, chrome or safari). So yes, Internet Explorer is still left behind. You Miscrosoft lovers will have to wait for the next version.

Changes between 0.3 and 0.4

  • Added multi language support
  • Added french translation
  • Added non apache (mod_rewrite) support (needs testing)
  • Improved UI by adding more icons
  • Improved user menu (drop down menu)
  • Fixed checkbox bug (checked tasks didn't change status)
  • Fixed date shortcut on quick task entry
  • Fixed javascript calendar bug when changing month or year
  • Fixed changing password bug
  • Fixed logging with password bug
  • Other minor bug fixes

Plans for next version

  • Make it Internet Explorer compatible (probably not IE6 though)
  • Make it compatible with iPhone default browser (safari)
  • Try it with Opera Mini

Translators needed !!!

If you like TaskFreak! and want to contribute, you might want to translate it in your language. Even if you don't really bother about this time tracking version, you might still do it as it will also be used in the future "enterprise" version. Just download version 0.4 and look at the DOCS/translation.txt file for instructions.

Now download it. Happy freaking task tracking.

posted on 11 June 2010 at 12:06 in Timetrack

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